Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old Fashiond Candies

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Peanut Brittle


Very light and easy to chew.
Once you open the package it's had to stop eating!

Packaged in red striped cellophane bags

Pecan Caramels


Layers of Pecans, chocolate, and caramel is what you bite into! A BLUE ribbon winner at the county fair!!
Available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Or White Chocolate!

Packaged in Red Striped Cellophane bags

English Toffee


This melt in your mouth buttery nutty candy is a must!

Packaged in Red Striped Cellophane Bags.

Rocky Road


Award winning! Similar to the Classic Fudge but is loaded with EXTRA walnuts and marshmallows!

Packaged in Red Striped cellophane bags.


Creamy, chocolate fudge loaded with walnuts.Also available: White Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Fudge
Packaged in Red Striped cellophane bags.


$4.00 Small
$6.00 Large

Everyone says this candy reminds them of what their grandmother used to make! Very light and fluffy!
Available with or without walnuts!

Packaged in a window box

Chocolate Crunch
This is the best of two worlds! Peanut brittle crushed up and covered in chocolate! Won a BLUE ribbon at the county fair!

Packaged in Red Striped cellophane bags.

Cinnamon Candy

Classic rock candy!
Other Flavors available upon request

Packaged in clear Cellophane bags.

Other Candies

Dipped Oreo

Chocolate Oreo Covered in Mint Chocolate Chocolate Oreo Covered in Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Covered in Milk Chocolate White Oreo Covered in White Chocolate

Packaged in Clear Cellophane Bags
Great Stocking Stuffer!

Sour Towers


All the kids go wild over this tower of sour candy!

Packaged in Clear Cellophane Bags
Great Stocking stuffer!

Dipped Marshmallow Treats


Two Marshmallows on a stick dipped in your choice of white, dark, milk, or mint chocolate.

Packaged in Clear Cellophane Bags
Great Stocking Stuffer!

Snowman Marshmallow Treats
 Great stocking stuffers!

Pretzel Rods

 Christmas Tree$1.25

 Nutcracker $1.50


Snowman Face$1.50 

Rudolf $1.50

Edible Chocolate Boxes

Turkey Box
 Molded chocolate turkey box filled with candy!

Leaf Box

Molded chocolate leaf box filled with candy!

Snowflake Box
 Molded chocolate snowflake box filled with candy!

Christmas Tree Box
 Molded chocolate Christmas tree box filled with candy!

Seasons Greetings Box
 Molded chocolate Seasons Greetings box filled with candy!

Snowman Box $10.00
Molded chocolate Snowman box filled with candy!

Music Box $15.00
 Molded chocolate Music box filled with candy!

Poinsettia Box $20.00
 Molded chocolate poinsettia box filled with candy!